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Yoga class in phuket

Health Benefits of Yoga

Just Fit Yoga Class has both preventative and therapeutic benefits. It has been shown to offer both physical and mental benefits to the body and the mind.
The many physical benefits of hatha yoga are: it improves flexibility and muscle joint mobility; strengthens, tones, and builds muscles; corrects posture; strengthens the spine; eases back pain; improves muscular-skeletal conditions such as bad knees, tight shoulders and neck, swayback and scoliosis; increases stamina; creates balance and grace; stimulates the glands of the endocrine system; improves digestion and elimination; increases circulation; improves heart conditions; improves breathing disorders; boosts immune response; decreases cholesterol and blood sugar levels; and encourages weight loss.

Yoga Class Benefits as An Exercise
A near-perfect fitness routine, hatha yoga provides the means for people of any age to get and stay in shape and develop balance, coordination, and a sense of centeredness. It renews, invigorates, and heals the body – stretching and toning the muscles, joints, and spine and directing blood and oxygen to the internal organs (including the glands and nerves).
Yoga is distinctly different from other kinds of exercise. It generates motion without causing strain and imbalances in the body. When practised correctly, hatha yoga has no adverse effects on the inner or outer body.

yoga class in phuket at Justfit Gym
yoga class Group in phuket at Justfit Gym

Our yoga class Provides

Ashtanga Yoga is the royal eightfold yoga standardised by the ancient sage Patanjali. Its outset and conclusion is the state of unlimited ecstasy and freedom that forms the core of our being. Patanjali calls this state objectless samadhi; the Upanishads refer to it as the heart. As human society and its individuals evolved more and more away from this true and original state, eight sequential steps were presented to get each individual back from wherever their current position is, back into contact with their heart.
The practise of these eight limbs can take up a copious amount of time in one’s daily life. Since yoga and the Vedas, out of which it grew, are life affirmative, the Vedic Seer Vamana presented Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, a practice for householders-people with family and a job or business-in which the eight limbs were practised simultaneously, not sequentially. Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a presentation of Ashtanga Yoga, designed for urban people with time constraints.
Ashtanga Yoga employs a multitude of techniques, such as postures, breathing, concentration and meditation exercises. We could call it the yoga of techniques. Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga differs from other types of yoga in that it is dynamic, whereas most forms are static.

Foundation Yaga class for beginner

The importance of understanding anatomy and alignment in yoga can’t be overstated. Once you explore your body—its makeup and how it works—you can begin to understand how to move and hold yoga poses with ease, and with a lower risk of injury. Knowledge of anatomy is a key element to progressing safely in yoga. Once you master this, your abs will quickly start to get stronger, firmer, and flatter. You won’t experience back pain or low back injuries during workouts, and you’ll be able to perform more complex exercises easily.
Yoga has both preventative and therapeutic benefits. It has been shown to offer both physical and mental benefits to the body and the mind.
The Yoga Poses for Beginners library provides a comprehensive intro guide to the most popular yoga poses and sequences.
Hatha yoga means the physical practice of yoga (asanas instead of chanting). Hatha yoga now commonly refers to a class that is not so flowing and bypasses the various yoga traditions to focus on the asanas that are common to all. It is often a gentle yoga class.

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