location-icon Address : 94 5, Kathu, Phuket

telephone-icon Call : +66 06 1661 4691

envelope-icon Email : info@justfitphuket.com

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By proceeding with payment, you agree to the Membership Regulations described below.

Membership Regulations

  1. Scan your member card before you start to exercise. JustFit Gym will make an Exemption 3 times, if more than that the member must pay at the time to enter the JustFit Gym.
  2. Re-rack weights and put other gym items back in their correct locations before you switch to another machine or area.
  3. Only use/occupy one machine at a time. No use of personal items or towels to reserve equipment is permitted. Allow other members to work-in.
  4. We do not allow Membership to bring outsource personal trainer into the JustFit Gym, if any requires must be contact to the reception before start using our facilities.
  5. DO NOT DROP THE WEIGHTS or use other equipment in an ABUSIVE MANNER!
  6. Exercise quietly always. No excessive noise. Be polite and do not disturb other members.
  7. Proper fitness attire is required always, No boots, street shoes, sandals or bare feet
  8. Children under 15 year old must be accompanied by an adult
  9. Our staff is entitled to warn members who break the above rules. On the 3rd warning we may revoke your membership without refund.
  10. All the memberships cannot be transferred to other persons. Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly memberships are non-refundable.
  11. Any behavior deemed as dangerous, threatening, abusive, or causes harm to the staff, members, or the facility itself shall be grounds for immediate termination without refund.
  12. Food is not permitted to be brought into or consumed in the gym.
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